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Purge-UltraPlast® is a ready-to-use purge compound capable of cleaning spindles, sleeves, injection nozzles and hot chamber. Provides efficiency in reducing cleaning costs and in changing color and resins, suitable for all types of machines (injection and extrusion and for all types of polymers).

Its composition consists of a thermoplastic material with a high degree of cleaning without any abrasive. It is effective and recommended for use at temperatures up to 320 ° C, even for cleaning hot chamber.

it works?

It is not abrasive, it works with a chemical reaction; Due to its composition it removes color, incrustations, black spots and oxidations.
Its formula consists of various additives such as expanding agents and binding agents that make it more efficient.
The Purge-UltraPlast® additive is ready to use and does not need a waiting time to be used.

Watch it work

Usable for all types of thermoplastics

Effective Cleaning

Time, energy and waste reduction

Does not harm machines

Ready to use purge compound

There is no need for a pre-mix or any other preparation. Just leave the previous production, place the recommended amount of Purge-UltraPlast® in the machine hopper, purge and switch directly to the next production.

Our Products

UltraPlast® PO-C / PO-CS / POH-CS

Cleaning compound developed for color change in injection and extruder machines, with or without hot chamber. It cleans screws, sleeves, injection nozzles and extrusion heads, to remove residual material, deposits, incrustations, black stains from all thermoplastics.

Specific for: EVA, HDPE, LDPE, PP, ABS, PS, TPE, TPU and others.

UltraPlast® PO-E / POE-CS

Cleaning compound developed for the change of colors or materials by injection, extrusion, hot chambers and blowing with or without accumulator. Change of colors or materials in injection, extrusion, hot chambers, blowers with and without accumulator. This product is particularly efficient at the most difficult color changes.

Specific for: PVC, EVA, PE, PP, PS, POM, TPU, TPO, EVOH and others.

UltraPlast® HIGH-C / HIGH-CS

Cleaning compound developed for the change of colors or materials by injection, extrusion, hot chambers and blowers with or without accumulator. Exceptionally effective in removing black stains on transparent materials. If it is used frequently, it will preserve the equipment from oxidation, facilitating the cleaning process and the change of colors or materials in injection, extrusion, hot chambers, blowers with and without accumulators.

Specific for: PC, PC / ABS, ABS, SAN, PMMA, ASA and PETG.

UltraPlast® PET-C / PET-CS / PET-S

Purge compound, developed for PET work. Due to the components of the formula, it removes colored polymers, incrustations, black spots and oxidations, which are removed and ejected. If used frequently it will preserve all equipment from rusting, facilitating the cleaning process.


UltraPlast® HT / HT-S / HT-CS

Cleaning compound developed for the change of colors or materials by injection and extrusion of polymers at high temperatures. Particularly effective in the case of polymers treated with flame retardant, fiberglass, UV stabilizers and technical polymers with high temperatures.

Specific for: PA, ABS, PBT, PEEK, PPS, PPO, GRIVORY HT, ULTEM, PEI, PES, PSU, PPSU and others.

UltraPlast® BF

Specific purge compound in concentrated form that must be mixed with the processing material. It is indicated for cleaning threads, pipes and extrusion heads to remove incrustations, during the change of colors or material.

Specific for: PVC, EV, POM, HDPE, PEBD and PP.

Benefits of

Purge-UltraPlast® can be applied to all types of thermoplastics, engineering plastics, as well as medical plastic products.

Purge-UltraPlast® can be used not only for the cleaning of screws in injection molding machines, but also for various cleaning processes such as hot runner systems, blow molds, blown film heads and laminates, etc.

All Purge-UltraPlast® grades are characterized by being non-toxic, non-abrasive, as well as not containing solvents or alkaline substances. Its use allows the customer to change from one color to another through hot runner systems, molds, pumps for molten plastic.

Considering the total costs of machine downtime, energy and material savings, as well as the reduction of scrap, defects and recycling costs, and the time saved for the manufacture of good quality salable products, Purge-UltraPlast ® is at the forefront and ahead of any other conventional purging method.


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